Choosing Advertising Frequency

Since advertising is so expensive, you should use some strategy to concentrate your advertising impact in the most effective manner for your business. The only exception to this advertising strategy might be for nonseasonal service businesses that advertise through the Yellow Pages or local newspaper service directories.

  • Peak season blowout. Employing a peak season blowout strategy means saving all of your advertising money for one big campaign. This makes sense for businesses whose products or services are typically required or sell highest during a particular season—for example, a snowplow service.
  • Quarterly blitz. Quarterly blitz advertising campaigns are quite common. They allow you to concentrate your ad spending heavily during specific times, while also affording you a better chance of maintaining a place in your audience’s minds throughout the year.
  • See-saw approach. The “see-saw approach” is a campaign in which impact is created by running a big print ad or heavy radio/television schedule for one week, followed by smaller ad or lighter radio/television schedule in the succeeding week or weeks to reinforce the earlier impact at a lower cost.
  • Continuous advertising. Many small businesses place a continuous stream of small ads throughout the year. This approach never creates enough impact to net results. If you operate this way, stop it. Drop all advertising for a while and see if your business falls off. It probably won’t, and you can then feel confident in adopting a new advertising schedule.

By Streetwise Small Business Start-Up


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