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Angel, or seed-stage, investing offers the potential for an attractive rate of financial return (in addition to other benefits), and deserves consideration for inclusion in some investment and asset management programs. Our members are experienced accredited investors who understand the risks and potential rewards of investing in private companies.

AngelsCorner is open to and welcomes new members who share our vision. Member investors will have the opportunity to review investment proposals and are invited to attend all meetings that AngelsCorner holds to discuss individual businesses. Through AngelsCorner members can leverage the network and diverse expertise of other members both before and after an investment.

AngelsCorner also welcomes working with other investment firms, including venture capital firms, corporate venture funds, incubators and other angel groups to attract additional capital, knowledge, and connections into co-investment opportunities with our members.

If you are interested in joining AngelsCorner or learning more about co-investment opportunities with our member Investors, please contact us using the form below.

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