Fax Marketing

A fax machine offers you a fast and inexpensive way to alert potential customers to new or service product offerings or special promotions. And, it provides an easy way for customers to send you orders. For an option to purchasing or leasing traditional fax machines, many personal computers today include a fax modem.

Legal ramifications

You can send faxes to existing customers announcing a special offer on a new product. As of December 1992, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act has made it illegal to send unsolicited commercial faxes.

Fax-back service

You can offer your customers a fax-back service. A fax-back service allows a customer to call a business, listen to a prerecorded menu of options, select an option, and then request that the appropriate information be sent to a fax number. An automated fax-back system can print out a listing of how many customers called and where the information was sent.

Broadcast faxing

Broadcast faxing is a great way to reach a large target audience. If you have a generic fax to send to many locations at a specific time, you can set many fax machines and most computer fax programs to dial multiple numbers. If your customers rely on you for updates and product changes, then broadcast faxing is a great way to communicate that information.

By Streetwise Small Business Start-Up


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