Focus Your Sales Efforts

Here is some expert advice on how to keep your sales efforts focused for best results.

  • Eliminate bargain hunters by raising the price. Keeping your price high conveys a message that your product or service is the best of its kind.
  • Shrink the territory. This will make your sales expenses smaller.
  • Get the mail out. Write to the people who would use the product as well as to those who would make the final buying decision.
  • Work the phones systematically. The more phone calls you make, the better. Start with a small number, such as 6 phone calls an hour, and try to reach, say, 100 calls a day. It usually takes at least 10 calls to make a sale.
  • Get your prospects organized. A desk with 120 prospect folders is too cluttered. Choose the 10 most likely to close and place a green dot on them. A red dot on a folder will mean you have a commitment but no check yet. Your goal will be to convert three green dots to red every month and to follow up on the red-dot folders daily.

From: Inc. Magazine, Dec 1991 | By: Teri Lammers


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