Successful Retail Strategies

Here are the do's, don'ts and tips for any small retailer to increase business.

This is what to do right:

  • Your business name should clearly identify what you offer.
  • Entice customers to buy more by attractively pricing packages of several services.
  • You need to have enough staff and flexibility to handle your client's business.
  • Court potential referral sources. For example, hotels are a perfect source of referrals for hair salons, spas, nail boutiques, and other personal care services. Figure out who could send business your way and keep in touch.
  • Be visible. Customers have to find you. Some of the most effective ways to be seen include having a well-trafficked location, good signage, an ad in the Yellow Pages, and a regular ad in the local newspaper.
  • Give reminders of possible "second sales." Remind people of other ways to spend their money, except on what they already bought from you.
  • Make your space inviting. In most businesses, you want to keep your customers around as long as possible. The longer they linger, the more they'll usually spend. (Not always, of course; some companies want to get customers in and out quickly.) In any case, you want customer to enjoy coming to you.

The above steps cost very little, yet they may result in significant increases in sales. So take an hour, look around and think about a few ways to add to your bottom line.

From: RhondaWorks | July 2001 By: Rhonda Abrams

Rhonda Abrams is the author of The Successful Business Plan: Secrets and Strategies. Her newest book, The Successful Business Organizer has just been published.


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