What Is a Financial Adviser

You can measurably increase your likelihood of investment success by hiring a professional who will work full-time to manage your money. Objective, rational decisions should be made by a manager who has the resources and knowledge to focus on the variables impacting today’s marketplace and, most importantly, your assets.

Investment management is a discipline that is unfamiliar to many investors. It has been around since the 1920s, but only as a service of bank trust departments and a few specialty firms. At that time, portfolio management was the province of the very rich. The Carnegies, the Mellons and the Rockefellers not only went to banks to have their money managed, they established their own banks. After World War II, corporations and the public sector started creating pension funds for their employees and the need for money management grew, generating an industry of advisory firms which specialized in portfolio management.

Investment management incorporates many tasks and processes. Professional portfolio managers attend daily and weekly meetings to assess overall changes in interest rates, economic and political developments, and stock and bond market activity. Investment managers analyze corporate financial statements and activities to determine their investment suitability. Some investment managers may peri-odically visit corporations in which they are investing, or intend to invest, to validate published research reports or discover new opportunities. Committees are often established to evaluate asset allocation policies, investment holdings and potential new investments. These activities help prepare an investment manager to make informed, timely decisions. But there are key considerations you must address in seeking long-term investment satisfaction in order to know what type of investment management is right for you. You need a defined process to enable you to determine your objectives, find the right investment management organization to meet your goals and periodically measure your results.

By Consulting Group Investment Advisor Research


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