Tips for Winning a Complex Sale

Here is the soundest advice from USA's top salesmen that has helped companies reel in the sales.

  • Win the emotional sale first. You thought business people made their buying decisions on logic? Invest huge effort upfront to earn their trust and watch as the brilliant logic in your technical presentations suddenly becomes more compelling to your prospects.
  • Triangulate for answers to your qualifying questions. Check multiple sources for answers. Always assume your primary contact is conveying inaccurate information -- even if unintentionally.
  • Know the Selection Committee before you present. Establishing trust and credibility with each member of the Selection Committee prior to the meeting is a must. Never allow yourself to be surprised by new faces and the amount of decision-making power they have.
  • Reverse perspectives. Ask yourself: Why should I do business with this person? Be prepared to walk away if the discovery process shows that there is not a strong match-up. Be firm, and you'll earn their trust and respect.
  • Sell what they're buying -- not what you're selling. Sell your firm's products and services, and you'll experience modest success. Undestand what the Customer wants to buy, meet that need - and you'll experience tremendous success. The customer is not buying your firm's machine -- they're buying the result which the machine provides.

From: Inc. Magazine| May 2004 By: John Anderson


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